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In Four Rivers, why does it say game over when there are still tiles on the board?

All of our Four Rivers variations keep track of how many legal moves remain. If there are no more moves left, the game is over! The lack of legal moves can sneak up on you, though, so sometimes it's a bit of a shock when the game ends so suddenly. Watch the pair counter. That graphic will change to a red color when only one pair remains.

In Rail x Rail, can I hide the track or cover to get at the pieces underneath?

Yes! When you are editing track layouts, you can use the Layer Toggle in the gizmo to hide the cover layer so you can get at the track, or hide both the cover and the track layers so you can fix up the houses, roads, and ground. One more tap restores all three layers so you can finish up pieces in any layer. While you're running a train, of course, all layers are visible.

In Rail x Rail, can I group pieces of track to move or rotate them all at once?

Not yet—but we're working on it!

In Rail x Rail, it'd be cool to run multiple trains at the same time.

We agree! You can now run upto four trains at one time with the Deluxe Expansion Pack in version 2.0 and higher. Of course the Golden Spike includes everything including multiple trains, too!

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