Four Rivers Classic

Classic tiles. New rules.

Clean, familiar mahjong tiles in a different solitaire game.

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Four Rivers Emoji

Step 1. Match smiles. Step 2. Smile.

The great shisen-sho game with fun, friendly emoji character tiles.

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Four Rivers Elvish

Brush up on your sanskrit.

Update your tile matching with some ancient writing.

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All fun. No fouls.

Play solitaire with all your favorite sports bits.

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The future of solitaire.

Constellations and galaxies abound in this futuristic take on shisen-sho.

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Four Rivers Fun

Now on your Mac.

Get all our great tile sets right on your desktop.

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Four Rivers A great matching game with a twist (or a turn).

Four Rivers Classic Four Rivers Emoji Four Rivers Elvish SportsCNX SpaceCNX Four Rivers Fun Four Rivers Lite
Four Rivers
Four Rivers
Four Rivers
iPad only
Four Rivers
Four Rivers

Four Rivers, also known as Shisen-Sho, is a solitaire game played with mahjong tiles. You match tiles similar to other mahjong solitaire games, but in Four Rivers, you connect the edges of two tiles with at most three straight lines. It's a nifty variation on the mahjong game and definitely rewards clever players.

Our game comes with a number of fun features such as undo/redo and a mulligan in case you get stuck. You can even ask for help along the way. Three levels of play make it easy to learn the rules or just play a quick game.

The Classic game uses traditional characters on the tiles and should have a friendly, familiar feel to anyone who has played mahjong. Emoji characters a fun, playful, and very kid-friendly The Elvish tiles bring a neat new world of sanskrit numbers and celtic runes to life. SportsCNX will please sports fans from just about every sport out there. SpaceCNX comes with an entire futuristic feel built just for your iPad!

Legal Move Examples

These moves are legal since the matching tiles are adjacent.


These moves are legal since it only takes two lines to connect the matching tiles.


These moves are legal since the matching tiles connect with three segments. This is true for the left and right sides of tiles too. Also notice the tiles don't have to be on the same row—they just have to connect with three straight lines.


This can be an odd one for Mahjong players! It is legal since there are only three lines between matching tiles. This can be a powerful connection.


And any clear path for your connection counts. This move is legal!


Illegal Move Examples

These moves are illegal since the matching tiles take more than three lines to connect.


These moves are illegal since the connections between the matching tiles are blocked by other tiles.