ABC Games Lots of letters. Lots of play.


ABC Games uses fun, music, and activity to help you learn your alphabet. We're always looking for fun ways to engage kids with learning and technology. ABC Games is the perfect combination! Built into our immersive games are different levels of play to help you learn upper and lower case letters, pronunciations, and word sounds.

  • Match – Find pairs of matching letters to reveal a fun photo below.
  • Think – Test your memory in this fun alphabetic version of the classic concentration game.
  • Play – Find the clever connective paths between matching letters to eventually clear the board for a win.
  • Learn – Leap from letters to words with our interactive vocabulary list. Stimulating sights and sounds reinforce the learning. Then, practice your handwriting with every letter from A-Z by drawing the shapes of the letters yourself.

ABC Games puts you in a rich world of music, colors, letters, learning and fun. With control over the types of letters, the music and the helpful pronunciations, there's something for everyone learning their ABCs. Whether you're just learning to recognize individual letters or you're starting to write your name, ABC Games engages you at every level.