About Us What we're here for.

Well, we're just these guys, you know?

LoyLabs is a small collection of developers, artists, designers, writers, teachers, and generally creative folk. Most of us wear several of these hats all at once. We have fun creating things, and have had a lot of fun sharing our creations. That's mostly why we're here. That's definitely why we keep coming back.

Marc Loy and Damian Moshak form the core of this little collective and have been friends and colleagues for over 20 years—i.e. before iPads. In most of our apps you'll see Marc's hand in the code and Damian's hand in the graphics and UI. But every single app has been a collaboration involving many other people with many diverse talents.

There's not a whole lot else to say. We're still having fun. We're still hatching ideas. We're still happy to get feedback and suggestions. If you have one of those suggestions, or a bit of feedback, or just want to know more, drop us a line at apps@loylabs.com. We're still doing most of this work in our proverbial garages, so we always welcome input from the real world!

Highly Recommended 5-Star App Store reviews

"I just love train games! This [is] one of the best train games I recently discovered, enjoying it with great pleasure, thanks!"

Rail x Rail Train Set

"My 2-yr-old absolutely loves this app. It's fun for him and for me. It's easy to use and you have endless options to have fun with it."

ABC Color

"I play this more than any other game now...it's not terribly difficulat but it does make you think... A nice diversion and a fun variation on mahjong."

Four Rivers
Our popular Four Rivers tile solitaire game is available on Macs! Get it now!